When the Christmas season is over do you feel that you’ve missed out on the true meaning of the holiday season?

Hubby and I sure felt that way until I implemented our activities advent calendar a few Christmas’s ago. We were so tired of missing out on all the Christmas activities that we had been so excited about. Just like everything else important in our lives, I decided to take a more active role in the Christmas season and plan and book in our Christmas activities! From cookie baking nights, movie nights, markets, and concerts, suddenly we were doing all the things we really wanted to do!

This year I am sharing with you how we brought more Christmas cheer into our lives and supporting you on a 12-days of Christmas Spirit Adventure.

If you haven’t already read my blog post on how to create your Christmas Activity Advent calendar, check that out here. It can also count as one of your first Christmas activities!

From December 1- 24 join us on a Christmas Spirit Adventure. Feel free to document your activities on Instagram using #christmasspirit and tagging us (@yogaforthat). I will be gifting 5 FREE memberships to our new Online Yoga Studio over the course of the adventure!

Merry Christmas!

Light & Love
<3 ash