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September is the perfect time a fresh start. After we have soaked up the last few rays of the August sun and picked up our pumpkin spiced lattes on September 1st, it’s time to get down to business.

Of course we have been working during this amazing summer, but between late night sunsets and long days at the beach, there has been a lack of ….organizing in our home offices, right?

Today I am sharing with you my 5 Steps to an Organized Home Office (and keeping it organized!)

.1. PURGE //

Get rid of everything and anything that does not belong in your office. Take out the half full water glasses, the empty coffee cups, and any garbage.

Anything that doesn’t have a place, put it all on the floor, bed, desk, wherever and start moving said items into piles: keep, throw, recycle.

Once everything has been sorted, recycle the recycle pile, throw away the throw pile and stare frustratingly at the keep pile.

Organize your keep pile. Put away the bobby pins, hair ties, lip balm, and any other items that should be in their home.

Now you’re left with a smaller more manageable pile!


Do you have a lot of papers that need to be sorted?

Pens/pencils/etc. that need a home?

Make a list of all the items you would need to organize your keep pile. Whether it’s containers for your pens and pencils, file folders for your miscellaneous papers, binders, etc.


Check over your list of items you will need to help you organize. Do you already have something that you can use (even just temporarily) to store these orphaned items?

I like to give everything a home, even temporarily, as I am not always able to get to Staples and purchase the organizing items that I need.


Take your list to your favourite organization store: Staples, Dollarama, etc.

Purchase all the items off your list and proceed home to finish organizing.


This is so important! Once you give everything a lovely home, keep it in it’s home! Take 5-15 minutes each day (either before you start work, or as you finish up for the day) and put EVERYTHING away!

Each week or month, take stock of how your office is organized. You may find better ways to keep your office organized after you have lived in a space of organized bliss!


How do you keep your home office organized? Please share in the comments!

Once your home office is organized, check out last week’s video on reaching your goals!

Step one: organized office. Step two: reach the goals!




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