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Are you thinking of trying yoga for the first time? It can feel very intimidating. I was quite apprehensive to try yoga and as you may already know I fell in love with yoga after my very first class. I’m not trying to tell you that yoga is going to be right for you, but I do highly recommend trying at least one class.

Ready to try yoga? Here are 5 steps you can take to ensure you enjoy your first yoga class!


Why do you want to try yoga? Stress relief? Cross-training? Do you want to try hot yoga, restorative yoga, or fitness-style yoga?

When you know what you want from yoga and why, it will be much easier to sort out which studio(s) and class(es) might be right for you.


Once you know what style of yoga you want to try, ask your friends, family and co-workers where they practice yoga and what styles of yoga their studio offers.

Of course, you can always check out reviews online too, but I always feel that friends will give you the review you’re really looking for as they know you better than the reviewers online.

3. GET A DEAL //

If you live in a major city, like Vancouver, there are so many options for various yoga studios. Most studios offer an intro package where you can pay  a fraction of a membership fee to try as many classes as you want. These are great to try at a few studios to find out what class styles and teachers you like most.

If you can’t decide on one studio, try Class Pass where you can visit a variety of yoga and fitness studios for one monthly price.


If your friend has a favourite yoga class they visit weekly, ask if you can tag along. Your friend can give you a rundown of the studio and tips and tricks for the class.

Maybe even make an event out of it. Go for a coffee or meal after your class and chat about what you liked or didn’t like.


Just like everything in life, nothing is exactly what we expect of it. If you go in with an open mind you will have a much better time than if you go in expecting a certain experience.

Don’t be afraid to chat with the teacher before or after class about your new found interest in yoga and any questions or concerns you have about the particular style.

If you didn’t like something about the class or were looking for a different experience, chat with the teacher (nicely) about what you were looking for and they may be able to give you a recommendation of a different style or another teacher that may better suit your needs.

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How long have you been practicing yoga? What is your tip for those trying yoga for the first time?

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