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Today I am sharing with you 6 reasons yoga is beneficial to athletes, can you name more?

  1. Calm the nerves. Focusing on breath and movement in yoga is a great practice for athletes to take into their sport. Focusing on the breath creates less space in the mind to focus on what is making us nervous. The more you practice focusing on the breath in yoga, the easier this becomes for athletes.

  2. Cross Training. Whether you are a swimmer, cyclist, football player, or gymnast, cross training is key for every athlete. In building strength, flexibility, or endurance, yoga does it all.

  3. Flexibility. Touching your toes can indicate how flexible you are, but flexibility is more than that. When we have tight, stiff muscles, it’s much easier to pull a muscle. When muscles are strong and flexible it creates a situation where the body can protect itself from injury.

  4. Natural body strength. Yoga is an amazing way to build natural strength through the whole body. Each pose (asana) is an opportunity to build strength and endurance in the body.

  5. Injury prevention. Yoga is amazing for building strength in the supporting muscles around our joints, which leads to fewer injuries over time.

  6. Reduce inconsistencies in the body. Every body has one side of their body that is more/less flexible and has more/less strength. Within yoga, we give our bodies the opportunity to balance these inconsistencies over time by repeating the same sequence of moves on both sides of the body.

Are you an athlete that practices yoga? Please share in the comments!


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