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Today I want to share with you a letter I wrote to my mom.

Dear Mama,

I vividly remember so many wonderful days with you. We spent most of my growing-up together as you chose to be a stay-at-home-mom and that meant the world to me. You were always there for me when I needed you. You were there everyday after school and I would share with you all the wonderful or terrible things that happened that day. You taught me that I can’t control what others think of me and that their opinions don’t matter. What matters is how I act in the world and what I can do to help others.

You gave me the roots that I needed to grow my own family and the wings to explore this beautiful world around us. Whenever I felt like I was stumbling through the world, I would call you up and you would remind me that as long as I was doing was making me happy, that’s all that mattered; that no matter what I did for a living you would always be proud of me.

It’s impossible to imagine you not being here anymore. No more Christmases, birthdays, anniversaries, or new memories to build with you. But I hold on to the memories I have. From summer afternoons playing double solitaire and drinking cans of iced tea as a kid, to our whale watching adventure in Cabo for my 30th birthday. I will never forget the memories we created together.

This earthly world will miss you terribly and I take comfort in all the lovely things people have told me about you and the wonderful memories they have of you. Mama, you were so loved on this earth whether you truly knew that or not. You will be missed by so many people and missed terribly by your family. The most valuable lesson you ever taught me was it is not the amount of people that you connect with, it is the type of people and the relationships you have with them that is the most important.

As the days pass since your death, the sun is shining brighter than it has in weeks and I know that is you up above us telling us that you are okay and that you are in a better place.

Rest in peace dear mama, you will be in our hearts and souls forever. I love you.

Love always,

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