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I strive on being organized and now that I have gone back part-time to my legal assistant job, I have to be even more organized. 

I posted a photo on Instagram this past week of a snapshot of my planning time. I received quite a few comments from people about their desired to learn to plan better.

If you feel like you’re scrambling every week to get your shit together,  then this post is for you!

Here are my tips for planning out your week:


I keep track of my schedule with Google Calendar. When I am planning out my week I write out one day per sheet of paper. I write out every event including my work hours, planned workouts, meetings, and tasks. It’s also important to include in your partner’s schedule as well.

Once you write out your schedule you will have a good idea of if you have early mornings or late nights and you can plan your meals accordingly!


I highly recommend keeping track of the recipes you really enjoy eating. If you need some fresh ideas, Pinterest is an amazing place to find more inspiration and recipes.

If you’re someone who takes leftovers to work, it’s best to plan some meals that you can make some extra for your lunches.

Once you have your meals planned out, make a master shopping list. I do the majority of my grocery shopping on Sundays so that during the week we have what we need for our meals and snacks.


There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning and rushing around trying to get all your stuff together for your day. By packing up the night before you can focus on making breakfast, hydrating, and getting caffeinated when you wake up!

I also suggest trying on your outfit choice the night before to make sure it looks the way you want it to and that everything you want to wear is clean and fresh. 


This is a tough one. It’s so much easier to say “I’ll do that later”. Except later often turns into “too late”.

If you think of doing something and the only reason you say “I’ll do that later” is because you don’t feel like doing it right that moment, then get you butt up and do it in the moment! You’ll feel so much better that it is done. 


We all have too much on our plates. Organize your household chores based on who is good at what. I am more of a morning person, so generally in the morning I will make the coffee, tidy up the kitchen before I head out and tidy up around the house. At night I often fall asleep soon after dinner (thanks to super early mornings and an uncanny ability to fall asleep very quickly), so hubby is so great at tidying up after dinner. We both share making dinner and cleaning the house. 

I’m also looking into using a meal kit delivery system a couple times a week. I am not the biggest fan of meal planning so it would be nice to have a few meals a week that I don’t have to think too much about!

We have also looked into getting a house cleaner, but that is on the back burner for now. I felt weird paying for something I really don’t mind doing. I have made time in my schedule for a big clean once a week (mopping, cleaning the bathroom, etc).

In short, getting organized involves planning, and planning involves getting organized! But once you are in the circle of crazy, it gets easier!

What do you struggle with the most when planning out your week? Please share in the comments!


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