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It isn’t difficult to be thankful, but it can be something that we aren’t actively doing. As easy as it is to be thankful, it’s even easier to be negative. Being thankful takes energy and when you aren’t feeling in a positive mindset it can be more difficult to be actively thankful.

If you aren’t someone who is actively thankful, or you find it challenging to be thankful on a regular basis, here are some tips of how to be more thankful:


We are often harder on ourselves than we are on others. We get frustrated at ourselves when we don’t accomplish all the things we set out to accomplish. So, why not start big?! When you finish anything, even something simple like making your bed, thank yourself. I highly suggest thanking yourself out loud, but you can say it in your head.

As you begin to say more positive things to yourself you will become more productive because of the positive reinforcement you give yourself!


If someone holds a door for you, thank them. If someone makes space for you as you walk by, thank them. It doesn’t have to be a big gesture that earns your praise. When we begin to acknowledge the little things, then the big things don’t feel so daunting.


Hubby and I practice this one all the time. We share the household duties, but that doesn’t mean we don’t thank each other for their work. If Hubby makes dinner, I thank him for dinner. If I clean up, he thanks me for cleaning up. It is always a pleasure to hear gratitude even for the simple things in a relationship.

On the days where we don’t feel like doing anything at all, we remember that the other person is thankful for their share of the work, and as a partnership, we both need to do our share to have a smoothly running household.


If you are late, instead of saying “sorry I am late”, try saying “thank you for waiting for me”. If you made a mistake that someone pointed out to you, try saying “thanks for bringing that to my attention” instead of apologizing for the mistake.

By changing your word choices, you invite a positive spin on the situation and will give you a sense of responsibility rather than a feeling of inadequacy.

Are you a thankful person? How do you practice being thankful? Please share in the comments!

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