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We are less than four weeks away from Christmas! Christmas has always been my favourite time of year. I love the coziness of sitting by a warm fire watching Christmas movies, the yummy treats, spending time with friends and family, the music, and of course all the beautiful Christmas trees and decorations.

As I grew older, the hustle and bustle of the daily grind had an affect on how we enjoyed the holiday season. My hubby and I found that by the end of the Christmas rush, we hadn’t done very many of the activities we had talked so much about doing!

I made the decision a couple years ago to create an activity advent calendar. We would plan out the activities we wanted to participate in and then fit them into our schedule. I would then create a physical advent calendar and hang it within view so we wouldn’t forget about all the fun things we were planning on doing.

Personally, this Christmas is going to be very different for our family as my mom is currently in hospice care. And as Christmas draws nearer it is difficult to comprehend what this Christmas will look like for us.

However, I still plan on creating my advent calendar. This year I will focus on simple activities such as making cookies, decorating the Christmas tree, watching movies, and wrapping gifts. It’s very difficult for me to get into my usual Christmas mood, but I also don’t want to miss out on the joy that comes with the Christmas season.

I want to share with you how to have your most joyful Holiday season!


What are your holiday activities? You might like big things like going snowshoeing, skiing, or ice skating. Or you might prefer Christmas plays or choirs. Do you like baking? Entertaining? Or maybe watching movies is your jam!

Once you figure out what you like to do, figure out the things that might have to be done on a particular day. Bigger things like skiing or snowshoeing will likely be done on days off of work and when there is “ideal” weather conditions.

Other things like making cookies or entertaining can be done on nights when you don’t have anything planned!


Take a peek at your schedule. How busy are you already? Hubby works in an industry that is super busy this time of year and often has some later work nights. For us, weeknights might look like watching movies and having popcorn, or maybe I make some Christmas cookies for both of us to enjoy.

Weekends we try to plan the bigger things like getting out an enjoying the mountains. I usually try to pick a concert or play to check out as a fancy date night.

“Entertaining” for us is usually meeting friends for drinks or dinner. Although, I would love to actually host a Christmas party one year! *goals*

3. COMMIT //

Now that you’ve planned out your activities, it’s time to write them in your calendar just like any other appointment. This way you will see how much you’ve committed to and if you’ve maybe over extended yourself. And, don’t forget to write in all those holiday Christmas parties you’ve been invited to!

If you find that you have too many events planned and your schedule seems overly packed, check and see if you can combine any of the activities! Or if you have multiple parties with the same groups of people, commit to one instead of three (or more!).

Once you have a set holiday activities schedule, it’s time to commit. Buy any tickets you might to the events you plan on attending. Check to see if there are any coupons or deals for the bigger activities you plan on attending.


I create an activities calendar that looks like this:

Untitled design.png

But you could print out a calendar page from online and then use markers, stickers, and glitter to make it unique to you!

This could also count as one of your holiday activities!


From December 1- 24 join us on a Christmas Spirit Adventure. Feel free to document your activities on Instagram using #christmasspirit and tagging us (@yogaforthat). I will be gifting 5 FREE memberships to our new Online Yoga Studio over the course of the adventure!

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