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This week we are focused on self-care (missed our newsletter? Sign up here).

You hear about self-care almost everywhere these days. But, what is it and how the heck do you practice it?

Self-care, simply put, is doing the things that bring you joy, peace, and relaxation. So, self-care looks different person to person, and day-to-day. I am going to share with you 5 simple ways to practice self-care and how that looks for me:


Writing down what is going on can feel like a weight being lifted from your chest. Our brains are great at analyzing information, but it can also overanalyze. By writing down what is going on you can visually see the issue. This makes it easier to start coming to a solution to your problem, or you may see that you don’t have a problem at all.

Your journal can be a place of reflection, planning, doodling, or all the things! I have recently started using a variety of washi tapes and stickers to brighten up my journal. I am really not artistic (something I want to improve in 2019), but I still love being creative, so using stickers, washi tape, and bright coloured felts are a great way to add beauty to my journal.

Journalling is an amazing way to deal with what is going on in your head without having to necessarily share your deepest thoughts. I find journalling a great way to work through my emotions and then talk to my loved ones about what is going on in a rash and understandable way. Sometimes through my journalling I realize that it may be beneficial to speak with a therapist or counsellor.


I absolutely love watching t.v. and movies, but I find that I am much more productive and happy when I spend my time creating. From making my malas to crocheting, I have time to find beauty and peace in everyday. I also find that making things is not only therapeutic but also meditative. I can get out of my head and focus on that creation.

Listening to music or reading can have the same effect. Taking time to get out of the hustle and bustle of the daily ‘grind’ is a very important part of self-care. I highly recommend being creative, in some way, on a regular basis in a way to practice self-care.


I have been so guilty of putting work first that I often say no to meeting up with friends, or at the very least, not making a decent effort of staying in contact with my friends.

The past few months have been a huge reminder of the importance of good friends and keeping up relationships. Whether it's catching up over coffee, drinks, or dinner, it is so vital to keep up with the good relationships in your life. The key here is ‘good’. We all have or have had relationships in the past that you keep up, but aren’t actually good. I am talking about the people that have or you know would step up to the plate for you. The people that are there when you are at your worst, not just the ones that are there when you are at your best.

4) LEARN TO SAY ‘NO’ (OR ‘YES’) //

I always knew the importance of family and friends, but it took a couple of recent tragedies to realize how bad I was at putting family first. I was often sacrificing quality time to work (either teaching or sitting at my computer). I made a promise when I came home to be better at choosing the times of day I teach, which days I teach, and not just sitting at my computer “working”.

Since I gave all my classes away I am not “starting from scratch” with my classes. I have elected not to teach on Saturdays any more (unless to help someone out), I won’t take permanent evening classes (except on Mondays, they are my crew!), and I won’t work into the evening,  unless of course I am working on a specific task.


No, you don’t have to start training for a marathon or anything crazy, but do get your butt moving. Go for a walk, do yoga, go to a fitness class, whatever YOU like to do to move, do that.

The more you sit around, the more you will want to sit around. By moving your body, you will move your mind and your soul. You will feel energized and wanting to do more. You will be more productive and you will feel better!

Practicing self-care is an important tool for physical and mental well-being. From reading, writing, spending time with loved ones, and simply moving your body, you can practice self-care without breaking the bank!

How do you practice self-care? Please share in the comments!

Light & Love
<3 ash

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