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This past weekend, Hubby and I spent 50 hours in Boston. We had been invited to a friends’ wedding and because Hubby just started a new job, we were able to go for a very short period of time, but it was better than missing the wedding.

On Friday we attended our friends’ wedding. It was stunning. It was held at a beautiful Boston estate on Castle Hill. It was a beautiful backdrop to an even more beautiful ceremony.

On Saturday we packed in as much as we could to see the sites of Boston. We headed to Harvard (definitely something I had on my bucket list). We travelled the campus and I made sure to walk around law buildings.

Harvard university Boston

When we had headed out that morning I was already hungry, needless to say I was famished after walking around Harvard. We headed off campus to find something to eat. We found a bakery called “Tatte”. It was amazing! Hubby had a prosciutto panini and I had an almond croissant. If we ever get back to Boston, I will go back to that cafe in a heartbeat.

tatte cafe & bakery Boston

Hubby bought tickets to the baseball game before we left, so after our travels around Harvard and some souvenir shopping we headed to Fenway Park. After walking for almost an hour, we decided to rent some Blue Bikes (similar to our Mobi bike system here in Vancouver). We were able to cut off about 40-mins off of our walking commute and saved a ton of money using the bikes versus calling a cab. The system was really easy to use and we were able to buy a trip from the machine on-site rather than needing to purchase a membership. We downloaded the app to see where all the bike stations were located and how many spots were available at that bike spot.

The street around Fenway was closed off for activities prior to the game. A friend from the wedding suggested checking out a bar called the BullPen. The prices were slightly cheaper and it was much cooler inside.


The game was so much fun! The Red Sox were playing the White Sox and the Red Sox won 4-2. We had a fantastic time. We hit up another bar on the way back to our hotel, I cannot remember the name of it. It was a game themed bar with tons of table tennis tables to play at while you ate and drank.


We rented the Blue Bikes back to where the car was parked and I made sure to hit up the Ben & Jerry’s on the Harvard campus before we got in the car.


We absolutely loved our hotel, The Archer Hotel Burlington . We were able to get a great rate and the hotel was beautiful, clean and quiet. Everything seemed to be about an hour away from the hotel, which meant it was in the middle of everything for us. There were quite a few restaurants around the hotel as well as a grocery store. I would highly recommend staying at an Archer Hotel.

Have you ever travelled to Boston? What did you love the best? Please share in the comments!


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