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This week I am focusing on my own vulnerability and what that means to me. It’s been a horrific 4 weeks for my family and me, but I am reminded of the kindness of friends, family, and even strangers during this trying time.

I have also realized the value of vulnerability and how that has helped me over the past month.


The human condition is amazing. Over the past few weeks, I have been told by family and friends how strong and brave I am for dealing with what I am dealing with and for sharing my story of grief. But, I only feel vulnerable.

I think we forget that as humans we feel all the emotions and that emotions are how we navigate the world. What makes us happy or sad, excited or angry dictates the way we live our lives.

So instead of feeling and being strong (which I don't feel I am), I want to remind myself and others that we are all vulnerable. And that vulnerability is just as important to celebrate the smallest milestones as it is to take care of our bodies and minds in the deepest despairs of grief.


to share your weakness

is to make yourself vulnerable

to make yourself vulnerable

is to show your strength

- Criss Jami


"Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage" - Brene Brown

In our society we are so quick to share our accomplishments and brag about what is going well. But it feels almost shameful to share our struggles. Sharing what is going on with me right now it my life felt necessary, but once I shared it, it felt really good and gave me strength to realize that what I am dealing with is painful and not something I should feel that I have to hide.

The more I talk about it, the more I gather strength from the well wishers of others and I feel that I have permission to be in this moment and not feel guilty about what is or isn’t being done in the world around me. I have courage and permission to grieve and worry, permission to be sad and to be mad at the world.


I have been finding that the more I talk about what is going on, the more people share their stories with me. And although it breaks my heart to know that others have dealt with similar circumstances, I don’t feel so alone. It gives me strength in knowing that others have gone through this and have survived and thrived in the aftermath.

I have realized over the past year of working primarily on my own, that connection was a huge piece of the human condition that was missing from my life. I tend to lean towards activities that have me working independently, but there is something magical about having people around you that really can make a huge difference in terms of happiness and a more meaningful life.


We can learn so much from moments of vulnerability. We learn what is really important to us and who we really are.

In the past few weeks I really have come to realize that as important as my work felt to me 5 weeks ago, that in moments of crisis, work was the first thing to go. The most important thing became family and spending time with my loved ones and caring for myself.

I re-focused my attention on work in a different way. A way that is most authentic to the way I want to live my life while still providing to my students.

At some point in the future my life will go back to “normal” and I am interested to see what that “normal life” is going to look like.

What does being vulnerable mean to you? Please share in the comments!

Light & Love
<3 ash

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