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I started practicing yoga 5 years ago at the recommendation of my hubby. I was really hesitant to try it from the preconceptions of what it would be like. Who knew I fall so deeply in love!

I asked a friend/co-worker where she was practicing. I looked up their site and she recommended a couple of her favourite teachers. After taking one class I was hooked!

In looking back at my experience as a first time yogi, here are my 6 TIPS FOR YOUR FIRST YOGA CLASS:


Ask your friends, family, and/or co-workers with similar interests where they practice, what styles they prefer and why, and which teachers they recommend. This will give you a better chance at finding a studio that you love and teachers that keep you coming back!

Check if the studio you are going to offers a trial promotion for new students. There are usually some great deals on Groupon, too!


Make sure to bring a mat, towel, and water. If you don’t have a mat or towel, check with the studio online or by phone if they offer mat/towel services.

I highly recommend doing some research on mats if you plan on buying your own. I only use “Un-Mat” from LuluLemon. This mat is quite thin and I am looking at buying the thicker mat for my regular practice. I enjoy how “sticky” the LuluLemon mat is for my practice and find that I don’t really need to use a towel on top to prevent from sliding.


There is a reason why studios ask you to show up 10-15 minutes before class; new students will have to fill out a waiver, get studio orientation, and this also gives new students a chance to ask questions.

Showing up early also gives new students a chance to chat with front desk staff and/or the teacher about being new(er) to yoga and/or new to the studio/style and have a quick chat about that. This is also a great opportunity to have a chat about injuries or other health issues with the front desk staff/teacher.

.4. BE OPEN //

Every new experience should be entered into with an open mind. Even if you have attended another studio in the past, each studio (and teacher) offers a new outlook. So be open and humble to the experience.

.5. LISTEN //

Listen to the teacher and more importantly, listen to your body. Take breaks (child’s pose/savasana) as you need.

Make sure you listen to the teacher’s instructions. If you are unsure of a pose, rest and listen to their instructions, before trying the pose.

Yoga is an amazing practice of learning to listen to your body. Every other activity is competitive and meant to push our bodies. Of course, yoga can be that too, but practicing rest is just as challenging as practicing for sport.

.6. BREATHE //

My biggest focus when I teach is instructing breath. Breath is our life-line and yoga is a great opportunity of practicing breath and movement. It’s also a great opportunity to practice breathing in moments of work and unease. When we practice breath in yoga, we can then take that into our daily lives. Learning to breathe when we are uncomfortable leads to a more calm demeanor and less stress in our day-to-day lives.

If you are an athlete looking to expand your training, check out my blog post "6 REASONS YOGA IS BENEFICIAL FOR ATHLETES".

What other tips can you offer for a newbie’s first yoga class? Please share in the comments!


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