Are you a new(ish) yoga teacher looking to grow your teaching practice? Do you feel with you are struggling with a certain aspect of teaching, such as sequencing, finding your voice, music, and/or gaining new clients? Have you considered talking to a coach? I offer years of experience tailored to your direct questions!


  • in person, via skype, or by phone

  • receive answers to all of your burning questions related to teaching and the business of yoga

  • book 4 sessions for $175 (save $25; must be paid up front)

Other options for mentorship are also available! Please email me for more information.

I am taking on 5 full-time clients in July. You preferably are a new(ish) yoga teacher who is looking to expand their teaching practice and to teach with confidence.

If you’d like to sign-up for a month of coaching with me, please fill out the form below and I will touch base with you.

The cost is $175 for 4 x 1-hour sessions. Date/times & location to be determined.

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