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I started Yoga For That in 2014 with a foundation of helping my yoga students grow. I don’t believe that there is an “endgame” in yoga, there is no point where you are the “perfect” yoga student. I believe through my own experiences that yoga will meet you where you are. Whether you are new to yoga and the language seems foreign, or you are coming back from some time away from your mat and your practice looks different than it did before; yoga will always serve you.

I have grown as a yoga teacher over the past 6 years, completing my 200-hour yoga training in 2013 (YYoga) and recently completing my 500-hour yoga teacher training in 2018 (Semperviva). I am also a lead teacher trainer with Oxygen Yoga & Fitness and I now specialize in mentoring new yoga teachers through my work with Yoga For That.

Please contact me directly for more info on private and corporate classes.

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<3 ash

Private Yoga Sessions

I have stepped away from regular public classes for the time being. However, I still love teaching and am taking on a few more private clients (individual, group, or corporate). If you are interested in speaking with me about options for private yoga, please email me: info@yogaforthat.com (subject: Private Yoga Inquiry)

1:1 Coaching

When I finished my first yoga teacher training I realized there was a gap between knowing how to teach yoga and the confidence to teach yoga. I hope to bridge that gap through 1:1 coaching/mentorship and through my “So, You’re a Yoga Teacher, Now What?” program. If you are interested in either one of these programs please email me: info@yogaforthat.com (subject: 1:1 Coaching). You can find FREE support here.

ONline yoga studio

What I will miss most about my public classes is that community of the yoga studio. I hope to bring some of that community feeling to you through my online yoga studio. My online yoga studio is FREE and a place to find yoga sequences, tips for living a more positive life, journalling prompts, and more!


Ashley teaches yoga on the foundation that yoga is for every body. She specifically focuses on the athletic body thanks to her background as a competitive swimmer.

We often hear from potential students “I am not flexible enough for yoga”. Well, let us tell you, yoga is perfect for you! From tight shoulders, hips, or hamstrings, yoga is the perfect way to stretch and create space and flexibility in the body.

Ashley focuses on using body weight to create natural strength in the body balanced with inviting increased flexibility. This creates an environment where naturally strong inflexible yogis focus on flexibility in their practice and naturally flexible yogis work on finding strength in their practice.