Hello and welcome to my online yoga studio!

A couple of years ago I was working towards opening a physical yoga studio. I wanted it to be a place of community, a place for like-minded individuals to come together, to grow as individuals and to find value in ourselves and others through yoga and conversations.

I have been teaching for 6 years and for the past two I have been teaching full-time. I learned a lot of the past few years and now, more than ever, I value the importance of community; of having your people that will have your back, people you can turn to for support and advice.

Unfortunately, the physical yoga studio space fell through, but I will be building this online community for anyone who is interested in having a safe space to grow and explore their own goals.

I believe that a yoga studio is so much more than just the yoga classes themselves. It is a place for community and growth, so therefore my online yoga studio includes:

  • Yoga videos

  • A book club

  • Journalling prompts

  • And more!

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<3 ash