Every opportunity is a new beginning

This year I am completely and utterly focused on creating the best version of myself. From taking care of myself physically and mentally, to doing all the things I love while trying new things! By the end of 2019 I want to have created a better version of myself. Not completely different, but brighter, stronger, and more knowledgable. I want each and everyday to include something that I love and to spend time with those I love the most.

I was given an opportunity to return part time to a job that I left 18 months ago. I left on the dream of opening my own yoga studio. Instead I ended up entering and completing my 500-hour teacher training program and focusing on growing my business. By the end of 2018 my family and I had been through the ringer. Everything that had seemed so important at the start of 2018 suddenly seemed insignificant. I vowed that 2019 would be everything I want it to be and more.

I started back at my old law office job on Monday and I am so thrilled that I chose to go back! It is wonderful to be surrounded by people that know me and that I love working with. I can’t express how blessed I am by this opportunity.

It’s only the 9th of January and already I am cautiously optimistic about this year. I know I can’t control everything (a big lesson I took from 2018), but I am doing all I can to enjoy this year. This weekend Hubby and I are going for a much needed massage, I have calligraphy workshop on Sunday and I signed up for a dive certification course at the start of February.

I want to learn and grow and try new things this year.

What are your goals for 2019? What are most excited about this year?

Light & Love
<3 ash