Are you brand new to yoga? Have no idea where to start? Feeling intimated by attending a public yoga class? Book a private session with Ashley today to receive 1:1 answers to all your questions about yoga. During your session you will be taught the fundamentals of yoga and ways to modify your practice in consideration of any injuries. You will leave your session with a positive outlook on your yoga practice and an appreciation of how yoga can help you with stress management, injury prevention/healing, and building natural body strength.

Ashley works with yogis of all levels, but primarily focuses on working with athletes (of any level). Ashley has an athletic background and yoga has been beneficial to all forms of athletic endeavours such as running, swimming, biking, and injury prevention. She strives to bring the benefits of yoga to all athletes.

What kinds of yoga does Ashley offer during private sessions?

* Restorative
* Pre-natal
* Flow, power, or hatha
* any combination of the above

Are you interesting in booking a session with Ashley? Contact us directly to learn more or to book now!

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