Hip Opening Sequence with Crow

Wide-legged child’s pose

Tabletop with hip circles - right
Tabletop with hip circles - left
Downward dog

Flow forward to standing
Goddess squat with arm flow

1/2 vinyasa x5

Hold forward fold

dd to plank x5

Flow to stand
Yogi squat

Vinyasa x5

Tree to triangle
WII flow (extended angle -> WII -> exalted warrior) x3
*repeat second side

Standing side stretch R & L to standing back bend

Standing pretzel stretch (prep for flying pigeon pose)
*repeat second side

dd flow -> tipping triangle

dd flow -> pigeon

locust variations -> child’s pose

quad stretch on belly -> bow pose

dd to side plank

dd to wild thing

belly rocking hips side to side to release low back

child’s pose

frog pose

supported bridge -> legs up


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