Welcome to my new and improved Online Yoga Studio!

I have spent the past couple of years trying and failing to create one space to build a community of like minded people to grow together. I have been wanting to create a space that is fun but also challenges our thoughts and helps us to grow.

I have spent the past couple of years struggling as a full-time yoga teacher for various reasons and have decided to return to my old job as a legal assistant. However, this means that I can spend my time creating more FREE content and developing the community that I have always imagined.

I spent a few hours re-evaluating my purpose for my (now) side business. I broke my evaluation down into 5 parts:


I wrote down my feelings about my new/old job and what that means for me personally as well as for my business. 

I wrote about the reality of having less time to focus on my business and that means creating content that I am excited about creating so I actually do it!

And finally, I pin-pointed what I love most about my side business and that is to teach people and to help others grow into their best selves.


Since this is my main goal in my business I wanted to break down how I’m going to achieve it and I started with what I know.

Question: How do I currently create community

The answer to this question helped me understand where my strengths are and to focus on what I know rather than try brand new techniques that may not work for me.


I have some good strengths, but I also know I haven’t succeeded the way I want to in my business because of some glaring weaknesses.

I pin-pointed to my history of jumping into action without much research  or proper long-term planning, and most of all, doubting myself. 

Now that I don’t have to worry about where my money is coming from, I can actually focus on long-term plans and goals for my business.

4. THE PLAN //

I wrote down the “services” that I want to offer, most of which are things I love doing or creating and a couple are new ventures that I want to give a go. But, most importantly, they are all things I am passionate about!


I took my plan and created a schedule that I can follow and one that I can work ahead on if I have extra time one day and less another. It isn’t a schedule that is so structured I will fall behind if I’m sick or busy on a particular day. It has wiggle room and room for growth.

I really hope you are as excited about this venture as I am and I can’t wait to see what we can build together!

Light & Love

<3 ash