Meet the Team!




Ashley Talbott, Yoga For That's founder, understands the athletic body. She knows that it’s tight, injury prone and needs a decent stretch. But, she also believes that yoga should be inclusive, welcoming and un-intimidating. Her classes provide a fun, safe space for novices and experts alike. They come for the body rejuvenation and stay for the tunes! With a fun approach to modern yoga, you won’t be focusing on chakras and energy here. You’ll be facing yoga with an athlete's perspective; to stretch and heal, to exercise and lengthen. All of this combined with Ashley’s fun and warm approach - you’ll find yourself in a class that focuses on what your body needs in that moment. 

Ashley was born and raised in Vancouver, but don't be surprised by her love for tropical weather.

When she's not walking her adorable pup, Lucy, you can find Ashley teaching yoga, writing, hiking, or enjoying a coffee in the sunshine.

There's always time for coffee. And sunshine.

Jenn is a strong woman with an adventurous soul and a grounded spirit.  An ambitious mother of four children who loves the mystery of the mountains and the wonder of the stars. Jenn is incredibly devoted to learning, growing and stretching life with ease and grace. You can find her on the farm or on the mat, at a hip hop class, farmers market, making honey, homemade kombucha or finding new ways to live more simply.

Jenn is a Integrative Nutrition Certified Health Coach and Yoga Instructor with a deep wealth of knowledge in anatomy and nutrition.
Her vision for wellness is grounded in her belief that we were all created to live whole and well.

Her passion for others and her commitment to working with her clients is evident and flows out naturally in an engaging, hands-on, relaxed approach.

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Camille is passionate about helping people understand their bodies so they can develop their physical strength, mobility and flexibility.  Though teaching yoga, she wants to empower people by showing them that they can work towards being stronger.  Coming from a weight training background, she knows the importance of providing safety and alignment cues when it comes to helping one’s progression in their yoga practice.  Camille has made it her personal mission to teach proper technique to all her students so they  will move and flow safely.  No matter what fitness level they are, she will help them become their strongest selves!

Camille also trains in the art of Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) where she has been able to incorporate some aspects of yoga such as hip and shoulder mobility for kicks and punches, and breathing techniques for conditioning.  It’s a perfect example of how yoga can translate into other types of fitness. 

When she’s not on her mat, wearing boxing gloves or lifting weights, you can find Camille checking out new restaurants, dancing at concerts or cooking in her kitchen.

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