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Yoga teachers, especially while teaching a class, are in a position of authority. I never believe that I am better than anyone in the room with me, but to be fair, I am in charge of that room while I teach, therefore I have a position of authority.

I never want my students to think that I am any better than them, and I especially don’t want them to think that I have my shit together. My true super power as a yoga teacher is my ability to connect with my students.

These are my tips for connecting with your students:


Share stories with your students that showcase your humanity and leave with them a little mini life lesson.

From how you reacted to a bad day or sharing some great news, make sure to weave a lesson into your story and you will reach a wider audience.


One of the best ways to connect with your students is to share your ideas and your dreams. This is an invitation for your students to give their feedback. It is both beneficial to your students and to you!


In my many years of teaching I have missed one class. I was teaching 4 mornings a week. 3 of those 4 mornings my classes start at 9.30am but on Saturdays my classes started at 8.15am. For whatever reason I set my alarm for the wrong time ad as I was driving to the studio I realized I wasn’t going to make my first class! I was so panicked and mad at myself.

Thankfully I had a good reputation so my students were very gracious and just happy that I was okay. I was very apologetic and apologized to all of them. I am only human, but I felt so awful for wasting their time.


Your students will become very attached to you and when you change your schedule, some of them will be verbally outspoken about it.

I recently gave up my Saturday classes (after 5 years of teaching Saturdays). I had quite a few students that were quick to give me their opinion on that. I told them that I appreciated that they liked my classes that much, but that after 5 years of teaching Saturdays, I needed to make the time for myself and my hubby to have some quality time together.

5. BE YOU //

You won’t be able to connect with everyone. You won’t make everyone happy. The best piece I have is to just be you. If you are consistently there for your students in the way that you show up best, you will connect with your tribe and they will continue to grow with them!

How do you connect with your students? Please share in the comments!

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