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I don’t know about you, but routine is very important to me. In my life I have gone from having every moment of my day planned out (read: university) to having a shadow of a routine as an entrepreneur (read: yoga teacher). I find that the more routine I have the more productive I am and the less routine I have, the more frazzled I become. In the past year as a full-time yoga teacher, I have been trying to find a routine that works best for me.

As yoga teachers, it can be very difficult to create routine especially if you are a full-time yoga teacher. Every day looks very different. Maybe you have 1 class on one day and 5 classes on another or maybe you are a teacher that primarily makes a living as a substitute yoga teacher. Before creating a routine or updating your routine, it’s important to note for yourself how much or how little structure you thrive on and how your routine will support you personally and professionally.

So how do you start creating or modifying your routine to thrive?


Take some time to note what is important for you in your day, personally and professionally. Do you like starting your day with a bit of calm and peace? Do you enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea before you get going on your day? Do you like starting your day with a bit of exercise? Or do you like to sleep in until the last minute and head out into your day right away? What morning routine supports YOU to be the best version of you?

Personally, I love getting up before the rest of the people in my house, having a hot cup of coffee, checking my email, social media, and my calendar for the day. I spend a few minutes planning out my day with what needs to get done so I can get as much done in as little amount of time as possible!

What does your day typical day look like currently? Are you happy with what you have scheduled and what you get done? Are you able to do the things that you want to do? If you aren’t, why not? Are you teaching too many classes or maybe not scheduling your time effectively? Do you like being busy all day or having time in between classes to unwind or prep for your afternoon/evening classes?

Finally, how does the end of your day look? Do you like to watch your favourite t.v. show, read, have some quiet time, or do you like to workout later in the evening? Don’t worry about what other people think you should or shouldn’t do, what makes you happy and helps YOU be the most productive version of you?

At the end of my day I enjoy putting on my comfy pjs, watching my favourite t.v. show and spending some time with my family. This is how I unwind, but it might look very different for you!

This is a great opportunity to re-evaluate what is truly important to you and to create a routine that supports you in a way to thrive in your business and your life.


Do you want each day to look the same? For example, do you want to teach 3 classes a day, run errands in between, and be home for dinner with your partner? Or, would you rather teach a bunch of classes one day and have a full day off to pursue other creative endeavours and get your errands done?

How many times a week do you want to workout? How often do you want to go out with your friends or have a date-night with your partner? Do you like having quite a bit of quiet time? Are you a creative that needs time to create? Are these activities that you want to schedule in or do you like to go with the flow as they come up? I personally try to carve out time for these activities or I will never do them!

Nothing is right or wrong, it is all up to how these routines make you feel!


I have learned to schedule in my work hours, tasks, to-do lists, appointments, workouts, and down-time. This works for me. This may not work for you, but I do highly suggest writing out a brief schedule to keep track of your time. Especially as yoga teachers, we tend to take on a lot because we can squeeze in another class or two to teach. It is important to stay true to the schedule that you have set up for yourself to avoid burnout.

Like I mentioned above, the more time I have scheduled, the more productive I am, but this might not work for you. Start by taking some time to plan out a general schedule for your day. I found a video a few months ago that really worked for me and can explain my new process to you, give it a watch  and it might help you too!

Do you enjoy having a routine or do you prefer going with the flow? Please share in the comments!

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