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When I graduated from my yoga teacher training program, all of a sudden, everyone I knew was a yoga teacher. I had no idea how to get myself onto my teaching mat and if I did, how the heck I was actually going to teach yoga to a bunch of strangers.

Fast forward 6 years, and I have had a pretty successful go at teaching public classes and I today I am sharing my tips with you:


When I do my karma reviews of new teachers I notice that the majority of new teachers try to teach fancy sequences, which are great when you have teaching experience. When you teach a fancy sequence without experience it lacks the cueing required to lead students safely. And students often feel lost or ungrounded.

When new teachers focus on the basics and on giving great cueing, the class goes a lot more smoothly and the students understand more.

Teach what you know and understand the most and then once you feel you have the confidence, then start adding in more challenging or fancy sequencing.

If you are more confident teaching philosophy then weave that into a simple sequence. If you start teaching with confidence you will inspire your students to keep coming back and your confidence with soar!


Students, more often than not, are drawn in by the personality of the teacher, not by the class itself. 

What do you offer in your day-to-day life that translates into your classes? Do you offer positive living stories, do you tell jokes? Do you offer a positive, quiet environment?

What do you naturally offer with your personality that you can translate into the studio?


Go to as many different classes (not just yoga) as you can. Really pay attention to the teaching style of the instructor. How do they stay present in the room? Do they connect with the students (and how do they connect)? Do they seem like they are having a good time or are they more serious? 

At the end of the class take note of how YOU felt by their teaching style. You’re not judging them, but learning what makes YOU feel good in class. These might be things that you then translate into your classes. Teach what you like, it will come off as more authentic and you’ll enjoy teaching!

I hope these tips helped, please feel free to share how you discovered your teaching style or if you’re still working on finding it!

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