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Last week I did something that I have never done before. I missed a class.

Thankfully I have built a very reliable reputation over the past 5 years that my students were not mad at me and after talking with them they knew how awful I felt about it.

So what can you do if you royally screwed up like I did?


The first thing I did as soon as I realized I messed up was I contacted the studio owner to fess up my mistake and ensure her that I would be there for my second class. No excuses, no stories, just the honest truth that I messed up.


Not only did I apologize to the studio owner, but I apologized to all my students. No excuses. Just that I am also a human who makes mistakes and that I was truly sorry for messing up their mornings.


The reason I missed my class was that I set my alarm for the wrong time. So now I triple check that my alarm is set for the right time any I set it early the day before instead of waiting until I am exhausted and heading to bed.

The best thing about making a mistake is that we learn a lot about ourselves and are given an opportunity to make amends and to make changes.

I learned that I have built myself a great reputation of being reliable and that even with that I am still susceptible to making mistakes no matter how organized I aim to be.

How do you deal with mistakes? Please share in the comments!

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