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This week has been very odd for me in terms of confirming my classes which has reminded me of the importance of flexibility, determination and standing your ground as an entrepreneur.

Being your own boss means picking your battles and learning to let go while finding the balance of standing your ground.

This week I was “confirmed” to be subbing some classes on Tuesday evenings for the foreseeable future and I was quite excited about it. When I checked the schedule on Tuesday morning, it was a different name on the schedule. I connected with the original teacher and she informed me that, yes, another teacher would be taking those classes. I was disappointed and a little bit frustrated. But, since I am a new sub at that location I didn’t want to kick up a stink, so I let it go.

Last night I mistakenly thought that someone else had been given my classes at another location. I was very frustrated by that and immediately emailed the manager to find out what had happened, and luckily it was just a misunderstanding and my classes were fine. But, that was a situation I was willing to fight to get those classes back. I acted really rashly on this one and should have waited to email my manager, as everything ended up being fine!

Last year around this time I was “promised” a lead teacher training job in the Okanagan and so finished my 300-hour teacher training program in 9 months to be ready for the position. Not a soul signed up for the training and all I received was a shrug of the shoulders from the head of the program. I was basically told, “that’s the way the cookie crumbles when you are your own boss”. Say what? I wouldn’t be able to rectify the problem by being angry or upset, so in response, I stepped away from some of my duties and extra responsibilities I had taken on. I realized that I was giving too much of myself and not receiving an equal share back.

These are just 3 recent examples of situations that I have dealt with being an entrepreneur. As many ups as there are being my own boss, there are just as many downs, but as long as I get up one more time than I am knocked down, then I am doing okay!

It’s important to know what you are willing to fight for and what you are willing to let go. It’s not beneficial to let everything go, but it is also stressful and damaging to fight every situation that doesn’t go your way. Life is never perfect, especially being your own boss, but it sure is a lot better than working a 9-5 (at least for me)!

When things go awry here are a few simple steps to deal with the situation:

  1. TAKE A BREATH. It’s easy to react immediately when something doesn’t go your way. Take a step back, breathe and don’t act out of anger or frustration.

  2. TALK TO SOMEONE. If time allows, talk to your partner, friend, or a co-worker to receive a different perspective on the situation.

  3. COMMUNICATE. If you have an issue with something, state clearly and emotionlessly your concerns about the situation. Don’t assume anything. Clarify the situation yourself, don’t wait on someone else to do it for you.

  4. CHOOSE YOUR RESPONSE. Once you have all the facts, make a decision of whether you are going to let it go, or if you are going to stand your ground.

  5. KNOW YOUR VALUES. Know what is important to you and live by those values. Treat others as you would want to be treated. Don’t lash out, communicate clearly and concisely so the other party(ies) knows what is going on.

What odd situations have come up for you, how did you handle it? Please share in the comments!


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