Are you a yoga teacher struggling to fill your schedule with yoga classes? Are you wanting to go full time as a yoga teacher and not sure if it’s possible?

Today, I am going to share with you 3 tips of how to get more yoga classes!

By the end of this video, you will know exactly how to get out there and get more yoga classes on your schedule.

I started teaching yoga 6 years ago with 3 classes a week on top of working full-time. Over the years I have left jobs and taught more while running a studio and then went back to a “real job” while teaching yoga on the side.

I have been teaching full-time now for a year and along with finishing my 300-hour yoga teacher training last month, I have been building my monthly teaching schedule as well as teaching workshops, mentorships, and ytts.

It can feel really overwhelming “competing” with other local yoga teachers for the same yoga jobs. Many studios want you to have a few years experience of teaching before they will hire you, but how do you get teaching experience without teaching?
Whether you have been teaching already or haven’t started teaching yet I am going to share with you my fool-proof tips to getting more yoga classes.

It can be very overwhelming as a yoga teacher trying to get more work, but these three simple tips will have you on your way to getting more classes in no time!

A quick summary of my three simple tips to getting more work:

Market yourself
Network! Network! Network!
Create community

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