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I’m planning on going back to work in the corporate world again. 2018 was a real kick in the balls and I took away a lot of lessons and took some time to reconsider how I am making my way through the world.

I absolutely love teaching and creating, but am looking for the stability the corporate world offers.

Now that I am re-stepping one foot into the corporate world, it is going to be vitally important for me to stay organized and be on top of my to-do list!

Over the years I have really tried to get better about class planning and managing my time, here are some of my tips:


Whether you are teaching full-time or working and teaching part-time, it’s very important to keep your schedule organized. As soon as you make an appointment or pick up another class enter it into your calendar ASAP! There is nothing worse than getting a teaching reminder when you already have something else scheduled!

I also strongly suggest scheduling in your commute time, workouts, and anything else that is important in your day. This will make things easier as your schedule fills up.


This was a big lesson I learned from 2018. I was so booked up that whenever anything came up I would have to get my classes covered or re-arrange my entire day. Make sure you have time in your schedule for doctor’s appointments, yoga classes, or date nights.

BONUS TIP: Each month take a look at your schedule and start to request any subs you might need in the following month. This will be super helpful and reduce your stress quite a bit.


I keep a notebook of the classes I am going to be teaching. I try and write them out the day before I will be teaching them. In this same notebook I keep notes from classes I have taken and tidbits I would like to include in my next class. I write on the top of the page where and when I am teaching the class and which playlist I want to use.

This is also super useful to keep in my teaching bag in case I am called in for a last minute sub, then I have a book full of possibilities!


When I pack my bag to teach I don’t really need much; my notebook, phone (music), studio keys, towel and water.

However, if I am teaching and then going to work, or going to work and then teaching, I have to make sure I have all the things I need! Things like, a shower towel, make-up, shampoo, hairbrush (this I forget more than anything!), a change of clothes, my laptop, and my notebook. I try to keep small samples of these things, including a tiny hairbrush, in a travel kit and just grab it when I need it.

Whatever works for you for making sure you’re prepared for the day! I definitely do this the night before so I can grab by bag and head out knowing that I have everything I need instead of scrambling out of the door in the morning.


This is a new step for me, and one that actually led to my mantra of the year: I am committed. Last year I was mostly flying by the seat of my pants, taking opportunities as they came up instead of seeking out what was right for me and would make me my happiest. It was a huge lesson and by the end of 2018 I realized that my “ideal” life was not ideal at all!

I highly suggested taking time every month to check back on how much you worked, what is working for you, what you love, what you don’t love and where you truly see your life and/or business going. Without clear goals, we can’t have a clear path.

This year I am focused on working smarter, not working more. I have big goals and big plans to help me to those goals. I am know that projects don’t need to be decided and acted on within the same week, and I want to collaborate with more amazing small business owners.

What are you focused on this year? Please share in the comments!

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