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Lately I have been teaching  a minimum of 17 classes per week and up to 25. When I first started teaching I was working full time and teaching about 4 classes a week. I spent a lot of time preparing for those classes! From planning my sequences to creating music playlists.

As I became more comfortable teaching I spent less time on my sequences and even more time planning my music. These days I have found some great shortcuts for staying organized and still leading some great classes.

Here are some tips for preparing for multiple classes:


I keep track of my sequences and where and when I taught that sequence. This way if I teach somewhere new I can flip through my sequences and find one to teach and I also have a reference for months later when I might want to re-teach a class or update a class with a few updated moves. This saves a TON of time!


In a week I teach both fusion and yoga classes. I will “re-use” my sequence in a similar class (i.e. fusion for fusion, yoga for yoga) and just update a few moves for the particular class style.

I find this very helpful for yoga classes as I can teach multiple yoga classes a week and just modify the sequence for the style of yoga and the level of students in front of me.


Once you have a few great playlists you can play these on rotation over a few weeks. The biggest “complaint” I hear from students is when teachers use the exact same playlist for months at a time. This is especially true when you use songs with lyrics in them. A great tip is to change the order of your songs, especially for savasana and for the start of your class, this is usually when students are paying the most attention to the music.

For my fusion classes I love using ‘FitRadio’ as the app has amazing playlists that are updated all the time and I can search by beat, theme, and class style. I personally love DJ Steady130. I use spotify for all my other music, and love it. I often share my username with students when they ask about a particular song or playlist so they have access to the same music.


Fill up your water bottle between classes, pack snacks and get some fresh air when you can. Keep your personal workouts simple and not overly exerting so you have the energy to teach and stay healthy!

Self-care is also key. And don’t wait until you are already depleted. Having a daily and/or weekly self-care routine will keep you feeling great week after week! “Indulging” in things like massages, manicures and other bigger ticket items are great on a monthly basis.

How do you prepare for your classes? Do you spend “too” much time preparing? Do you have any tricks you want to share? Please share in the comments!

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