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Taking additional training can be costly and time consuming, but it is also very beneficial to your teaching practice.

There are many ways you can time additional training depending on what you want to get out of the training, how much time you have, and how much you are willing to spend.

So what kinds of trainings can you take?


Yes, you already have a 200-hour training under belt. But, you can always take another one. Why would you do this? Each offered program offers a different insight into how to teach yoga, the philosophy around yoga, and more. An additional 200-hour program will help you grow as an individual, yoga practitioner, and of course as a yoga teacher.

Opportunities to take a program with a new teacher, a new style or in a different province, state, or country can offer new insights into what you offer as a teacher. So the time and money you put into taking an additional 200-hour program will lead to a priceless experience for you and your students.


To become 500-hour certified you must take a 200-hour ytt and a 300-hour ytt program. Just like the 200-hour ytt, you have various options for your 300-hour program.

I completed my 300-hour program with Semperviva which worked great for me. I took the trainings I wanted when I wanted to make up my 300 hours. Out of all the trainings I took there was only one weekend workshop that I didn’t enjoy, but it was only a few hours out of the 300 hour program.

You can take a similar program to the one I took, you could take a more structured program like your 200-hour YTT or again, or you could travel and take your program elsewhere.


All the trainings I took with Semperviva were to work towards my 300-hour certification, but there were quite a few people that took various workshops as a one-off, including prenatal, restorative, and ayurveda. All these courses were amazing and would have been very beneficial on their own. So if you are looking to specialize in a specific area, one-off workshops are a convenient and cost efficient way of doing so.


Quite a few teachers offer workshops to their students to help them grow, workshops such as “yoga for beginners”, arm balance workshops, inversion workshops and more. These are great for students and teachers alike. They are a great opportunity for teachers to grow their personal practice but also to pick up tips and tricks for teaching to their current students. It is an opportunity to spruce up your teaching style, cues, and build-up your teaching tool-kit.

I highly recommend recognizing what you enjoy teaching and what your students are looking for and then taking trainings to support what you are already offering. This is a great way to ensure that you will find a benefit to your investment as soon as possible.

What training do you want to take next? Let us know in the comments!

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