Ashley has been teaching yoga in Vancouver for over 5 years. She has grown a supportive and committed following of students through her years of teaching. Her focus on foundation, safety, and balancing strength with flexibility brings students back time and time again. Take a read of what her students have to say!

Ashley has returned to a reduced public teaching schedule. She and her team continue to offer weekly classes through their Online Yoga Studio. Ashley also offers private and corporate classes, please contact us for more information.

What will you get out of a private session? Ashley will take you through a short yoga sequence to evaluate your body within the postures. She will then give suggestions for your foundation, modifications, and advancements based on your natural body alignment, current injuries, and your goals for your personal practice. You will leave the session with a better understanding of your body within the postures and a yoga sequence you can do at home.  Find out more or Contact Yoga For That today to book your personalized yoga session!

Ashley Founded Yoga For That in 2014 to provide all things yoga. With a focus on teaching yoga, Yoga For That also offers a variety of other services to help you live your best life!


Grow your Teaching practice...

Are you a yoga teacher looking to grow your personal practice or your teaching practice? Have you considered joining a mentorship program? We are now offering mentorship services to new(er) yoga teachers looking to expand their own personal physical practice or their teaching practice. 

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the power of positivity...

Ashley has always believed in the power of positivity and wants to help you take control of your life through the power of positivity.

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Ashley teaches yoga on the foundation that yoga is for every body. She specifically focuses on the athletic body thanks to her background as a competitive swimmer.

We often hear from potential students “I am not flexible enough for yoga”. Well, let us tell you, yoga is perfect for you! From tight shoulders, hips, or hamstrings, yoga is the perfect way to stretch and create space and flexibility in the body.

Ashley focuses on using body weight to create natural strength in the body balanced with inviting increased flexibility. This creates an environment where naturally strong inflexible yogis focus on flexibility in their practice and naturally flexible yogis work on finding strength in their practice.