what ashley's students are saying...

Also, just so you know you and your classes are amazing! You have such a positive energy about you and your sequences and transitions always flow so nicely! You have a gift in that you can make us all laugh even when you are killing us, and I always leave your class with a smile on my face. Your Netflix suggestions and the fact that you just seem like an overall amazing human being doesn’t hurt either. Keep being you Ash!
— Monica L.
I absolutely adore Ashley and her classes! I have been to many yoga classes before, but nothing compares to hers. She has the ability to sooth you and truly help you set an intention while still helping to motivate you.
I also struggle with chronic pain and she has helped me adjust my practice and take control of it.
I can not thank you enough!!
— Angelica B.
I enjoy Ashley’s classes because she gives multiple variations for each pose in case you have an injury or just sore muscles! She’s friendly and welcoming and I always leave her class feeling energized.
— Deanna T.
Love that Ashley explains all the different levels to a pose. 
Also best music in the industry. For me this plays into the whole vibe of the class. She can also read a classes fitness level adjusting her class on the go. I go to her classes every chance I get.
— Mark T.
Ashley is an awesome yoga instructor who takes the time to get to know the students in her class, creating a welcoming and fun space. 
I really enjoy her classes; her flow and yang/yin classes leave me feeling energized while her deep stretch classes leave me feeling completely relaxed. 
She takes the time to demonstrate the variations of each pose, creating an accessible class for yogis of all levels. She will adjust her class if there are requests or preferences from the students. Ashley encourages students to listen to their bodies and make adjustments to their practice as needed.
Ashley has a calming energy, a genuine cheeriness, and is always a pleasure to be around.
— Christine V.
I love Joga classes with Ashley! Joga is a great class for anyone, especially athletes, looking to improve core strength, flexibility and balance. Ashley creates a fun and welcoming class environment. I always look forward to her classes, they go by quick but I always feel refreshed and energized after!
— Pam H.
Ashley is an incredible teacher who really makes yoga accessible to anyone - regardless of their level. She always gives different options and makes class fun, approachable and a really great place to not only practice yoga but a space to decompress and really focus on whatever you need to focus on. Ashley is also amazing at teaching a variety of different classes - her flow class will leave you refreshed and ready for whatever comes at you that day and her fitness classes allow you to get your sweat on! I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate her style but in addition to being a passionate teacher, Ashley is an amazing person who you will enjoy spending time with. Thank you for all that you do!
— Tayla S.